More SuSE 10.1 Woes

I’ve about had all I can stomach of SuSE 10.1. The included version of Firefox crashes on me at least five times a day, normally when hitting my Backspace key in order to go back one page. It’s really freaking annoying whenever you have 8 important tabs open. I’m about to go uninstall it and see how many dependencies I can break and then install the binaries directly from Mozilla.

Also, I did finally manage to get some online package repositories added, but they’re useless. My package manager of choice, ‘apt-get’ has been removed in favor of ‘smart’ which is just totally screwed up. If I want to install one package, it decides that I need to install the devel packages, Mesa, and about a dozen or so other ALREADY INSTALLED PROGRAMS in order to meet dependencies. Even better, it appears that I have zen-updater working, but in the two weeks or so since installing SuSE 10.1, there hasn’t been a single security update, let alone any bug fixes for the numerous known problems that have been documented. Which leads me to believe that zen-updated actually ISN’T working.

*Sigh* – I think I might have to rever to 10.0 or maybe even think of going with another distro – because this is borderline ridiculous.