Dell to offer Opteron Servers

Dell issued Dthis press release yesterday, and fer me, th' news couldn’t have been any better.

In th' enterprise, we will launch new ninth generation servers featurin' Intel’s Woodcrest microprocessors. Dell will also introduce new AMD Opteron processors in our multi-processor servers by th' end o' th' year offerin' a great new technology t' our customers at th' high-end o' our server line.

DailyTech as some commentary in th' article Hell Freezes Over.

I think AMD is definitely on th' upswin' again, and I, fer one, couldn’t be happier, with a chest full of booty. I previously mentioned me desire fer one o' these, but I don’t think I can (or want t') put me purchase off that long, and dinna spare the whip! It also looks like it’s only goin' t' be upper-end machines, and I’m lookin' t' keep our purchase under $1,500 if at all possible. I guess I’ll just cross me fingers and wait and see what happens in th' next month.