America IS Winning

You’ve probably already read it elsewhere, but Zacarias Moussaoui, on-trial for his involvement in the 9/11 attacks, was sentenced to life in prison yesterday instead of the death penalty. Like Brandon said here, I’m not particularly upset that he got life instead of the death penalty. Guys like this believe they’re dying for their cause and becoming a martyr and then living eternally with naked virgins dancing around them because they did what “god” wanted them to. Well, congrats Moussaoui – enjoy the rest of your life suffering in prison – sans naked virgins.

Moussaoui briefly spoke following his sentencing:

Moussaoui, as he was led from the courtroom after the 15-minute hearing, said: “America, you lost. … I won.” He clapped his hands as he was escorted away.
Source: Breitbart

Well, more bad news for you Moussaoui: Dow Passes 11,500, Hits Fresh 6-Year High

America has bounced back from the worst attack ever on our country, and here we are today – economically more powerful than ever before. Iraq is now a free country. Not to mention that we WILL find “the Ace of Spades” – Osama bin Laden. Heh, if Sadaam was found in a foxhole, nasty and smelly – can anyone think of what would be a more fun, degrading place we could find bin Laden? I have dreams of finding him hiding in the bottom of a porta-potty.