Customer service really has just gone down the crapper.
FedEx Express Tracking Stupidity
You see that? “Package not due for delivery”

Seriously, I know I didn’t pay for 2nd-Day delivery, but in all seriousness folks, would it not be the polite and right thing to do for your customers, on both ends of the package, to deliver the parcel a day early? If they want to really deliberately delay a shipment, I’m thinking they should do it before it reaches the destination facility. For example, if they would’ve waited one extra day before scanning the package upon arrival in Charlotte, and then forwarded it on the my local distribution facility, my package would’ve have arrived today, on-time, and I would not have even known about the “not due for delivery” rubbish.

It just reeks of bad service. In the future, I’m gonna give DHL a shot and see how that goes for anything that I personally have to ship. Also, the United States Postal Service (aka USPS) has a really fantastic service now called Click-n-ship that we’ve been using at work for several weeks for our non-overnight packages (Priority Mail Flat-Rate envelopes – Cram them FULL for $4.05) and I think it rocks. Go Post Office!