Cisco ringtone from 24

As you know by, I’m working on integrating Asterisk for my employer. One of the uber-cool things that you can do with most SIP phones is upload custom ringers. Some you can upload RAW MP3 or WAV files, but others (like the Sipura-841) require you to upload it in a special format. While I was browsing around grabbing the latest firmware for my testing phones this morning, I saw that Sipura provided a tool to do that, so now all I need is a WAV file worthy of being a ringer.

Enter James Anderson and his ’24′ ringtone website.

Are you sad enough to want to reproduce that distinctive CTU ringtone from the TV series ’24′ on your mobile phone?

Well, I am. So I worked out the RTTTL code needed to get it on my little Nokia 8210.

But that was just the start of the story. Ever since I posted the code here back in 2003, along with the reference samples I used in order to work it out, a lot of equally sad people have sent me versions of the ringtone in different formats.

So here they are, for all your hey-look-at-me-I’m-Jack-Bauer needs:

I downloaded the WAV and converted it to a Sipura ringtone. Now, we won’t be using the SPA-841′s here at our corporate office, and I want to be Jack Bauer’ish, so I pulled out my Bluetooth dongle and pushed the WAV over to my Motorola E815. :) Now maybe Bonnie will believe me when I tell her that I work for CTU.