bring back the pony express

I’m thinking of starting my own package shipping business. It may appear at first that this is an already crowded marget segment, but I believe there is room – room for improvement. Last week, Matt ranted about UPS and now it’s my turn to raise a ruckus about FedEx Express.

You see, I placed an order with on Thursday of last week, received the tracking number later in the day, and was all geared up to receive my package on Tuesday, May 2, just like the tracking promised. But then, I logged on this morning to check the tracking again and saw this:

Stupid FedEx Express

I really like our FedEx driver, but this is just stupid stupid stupid! He’s obvisouly in town somewhere today and he has my package on his truck. But now, it’s 5:03, we’re closed, and I’m going home. Sure, Express Saver (3-day) doesn’t guarantee it until tomorrow, but if he has it on the truck – why not bring it? I’m gonna have a chat with him tomorrow. I guess since our company only spent $15,000 on FedEx services last year, we’re not entitled to any customer service.

So anyway, “UPS sucks monkey nut” according to Matt, and as far as I’m concerned, FedEx Express can kiss my rear-end. If anyone has anything to ship to me, please just send it via USPS Priority Mail. That’s one thing the government usually gets right.