weekend plans foiled

Well, my neighbor and I had planned on going to rent some semi-heavy equipment this weekend and do some playing work in our backyards.

Bobcat Trackhoe

See, we have a nice little creek that forms the back boundary on our properties, but it’s pretty much a mess right now. We were going to rent one of these nice little mini-excavators/track-hoes and clear the brush off the banks and then drive the machine down the embankement and dig the creek out a little to make it deeper for Java to play in. The weather forecast wasn’t looking so hot yesterday afternoon, but this morning, it’s just a little damp with scattered showers hovering around. I called the rental place an hour or two ago to tell them we were on the way, and much to my dismay, someone picked up the last one earlier this morning. Guess it will have to wait two weeks (next weekend is Easter) or I might have to um, get “sick” one day next week and miss a day of work.