robbery victim fired

In local news today, a pizza delivery driver was fired from our Domino’s pizza for not following company policies. It was only his third day on the job when he went out to make a delivery and was then attacked. Apparently Domino’s requires that all drivers call the customer just before leaving to confirm the delivery, and this guy failed to do that.

Wednesday night, Canipe said he was making a delivery to 109 Maple Drive at about 10:30 p.m. when he was attacked by four youths who stole the pizza but were not able to get any of the cash he was carrying. The pizza was later recovered.

I want to be the first to thank The Shelby Star for pointing out that the pizza was later recovered. If they wouldn’t have told me – I would have been worrying all day wondering if they got the pizza back or not. Now how could they point that out, but then fail to mention what kinda of pizza it was?? Thin crust? Hand-Tossed? Pepperoni? Anchovies?