Comcast Ups Cable Speed

Cable company Comcast has upped their customers bandwidth to 16Mbps downstream and full 1Mbps upstream in order to compete with Verizon’s FiOS package. I can only dream that Time Warner/RoadRunner would do something similar down here in North Carolina since they have no competition in the area except for DSL. I was in heaven last year whenever they upped us to a 6Mbps downstream, but our measley 256Kbps upstream just hurts my feelings everytime I try to push a file out of my house to some remote destination. I rant constantly to folks about our “slow” downstream on our T-1 at work (only about 1Mbit) but it is rock-solid and also has excellent upstream speeds. I’ve gotten to the point that whenever I need to upload a large file, I just wait til I’m at work.