making a comeback

Yeah, I know, my blogging has been rather light this week, but I have a good excuse – I really do. I’ve been battling some infection in my lungs/upper respiratory area and sinuses, but I’m almost back to 100% now. It started with the sniffles and related symtoms last Wednesday and I marked that up to the insanely high pollen counts around here lately. The Bradford Pear trees are in full bloom here and just spewwing themselves into my air. I took some allergy medication for the first 36 hours, then I started coughing so I added a cough syrup along side that. We went to Tennessee with my parents for the weekend and I was fine for the most part until Sunday afternoon when I started feeling bad, which I hadn’t up until that point.

By the time the alarm clock went off on Monday morning, I’d had enough and gave my wonderful wife orders to make me a doctor’s appointment. I dragged myself into the office and she called me pretty soon with the good news that Doc was able to work me in at 10:15. A few forms, questions, and a $25 co-pay later, I was out the door and back to work. I stopped by the pharmacy on my home from work, picked up the meds, and went home to crash on the couch. By bedtime, the drugs were doing their thing and I was feeling much better. I had plans for Tuesday to visit one of our branch offices in North Wilkesboro, and on Tuesday morning, I felt pretty good so I continued with that plan. After spending two hours on the road to get there,a couple of hours setting up a computer and router in the office, and two more hours to get home, I still felt great – I was about to declare myself officially “well” until yesterday morning around 10 when I started feeling odd.

I say “odd” because I don’t know how else to describe it. It was almost like the feeling of dizziness, except I wasn’t dizzy. Just strange. That coupled with the huge knot in my stomach led me to the conclusion that I should just go home and get some rest. Bonnie, the amazing and caring wife that she is, came and picked me up from work, stopped by the grocery store for some sickly snacks (ginger ale, pretzels, etc.) and took me home to make sure I was ok before she took off back to work. I made the remark to her that I felt like I was about barf-up a kidney or some other large internal organ. I knew in my head that I wasn’t going to vomit, but that feeling in my stomach just would not go away. After lying down for several hours, munching on pretzels and drinking soda, I started feeling a little better – well enough to go to church at least. The car ride to Crestview about got that kidney out of my stomach. I felt worse when we got there than I had all day, but I toughed it out and sat through dinner there sipping on some Sprite. Several people told me that I didn’t even look like I felt good and one or two in the choir remarked that they thought I was going to pass out during one particular song they were doing. After choir practice, I was told by Heather that I looked like “death walking” which is always an encouraging thing to hear. Again, the ride home about killed me, but I made Bonnie stop at ESI and let me drive my car home. More lounging around and watching TV and I was feeling a little better by bedtime. Just to be safe, I went ahead and emailed my boss to let him know I might not show up.

Fast forward now 8 1/2 hours to this morning. I woke up with the alarm, pushed Bonnie out of bed to take the dog out, and then got myself out of bed feeling just fine and dandy. I’m still not sure what caused it – maybe something I ate on Tuesday catching up with me or a bad dose of antibiotics. I really have no idea. But anyhow, I’m feeling great now and need to go finish preparing a little presentation for my 11:30 lunch appointment.