Tyler Hansbrough

Lucas: This Is Tyler Hansbrough
I promise I’m not in some sort o' affiliate deal with Adam Lucas and TarheelBlue.com, but he has such a knack fer writin' about th' ‘Heels that I feel compelled t' post and link t' just about everythin' that comes out o' his computer in Chapel Hill. I’m embarassed t' say that I didn’t watch th' game last night, and after I read th' quick game summary before crawlin' into bed, I were bein' severely upset that I missed Tyler Hansbrough’s 40-point showin'. Fire the cannons, and a bucket o' chum! That bein' said, I think I’m goin' t' go ahead and put me prediction out there with Adam and say this: “Tyler Hansbrough: NCAA Freshman o' th' Year.”