Intel and Skype Exclude AMD

The news broke late yesterday that Intel and Skype are excluding AMD in an agreement that they have reached regarding how many callers are allowed in on a conference call. Intel-based chips will be allowed to have up to a 10-way conference call while AMD chips will be throttled at 5-way conversations. This is the most infuriating tech news I’ve read in a while. The fact that a software vendor would discriminate against the type of processor their user chooses is just borderline-insanity. I hope that there is enough uproar around this to cause them to rethink this position. Personally, I don’t use Skype because I despise actually “talking” to people, but as a tech-savvy guy and a huge AMD supporter, this is pitiful. If they go through with this, what’s next? Microsoft Office 2008 limited to only two open documents and AOL only allowing three concurrent IM conversations on AMD processors? Come on folks, the buck needs to stop here.