I messaged netnomad afore this mornin' t' pass that scurvey dog a link t' th' CitiKitty Cat Toilet Trainin' Kit and we had a good laugh or two at th' product. The ornery cuss says he has t' wait long enough t' get in th' bathroom as it is, let alone if his two cats started linin' up outside th' door. Bonnie has always said that it’s be neat t' toilet-train them and I’ve always laughed at that comely wench. Aarrr! Shiver me timbers! However, th' longer I leave that tab opened in Firefox, th' more intriqued I am.

At first, th' seat is filled with litter. Walk the plank! Aarrr! As yer feline matey gets used t' th' idea o' hoppin' up onto its new throne, sections o' th' seat are taken away. When all th' litter and all th' sections have been removed, yer cat is officially potty-trained.

I’ll have t' think about this a while – th' thought o' ne'er scoopin' litter again is pretty enticin'.