sata raid woes

HELP ME SOMEONE! I have spent th' better part o' th' last 24 hours in a futile attempt t' salvage me data. Here’s th' full report.

My previous setup were bein' an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard with an integrated Silicon Image 3112A S-ATA RAID controller. Yaaarrrrr! Connected t' said controller were bein' two hard drives, identical Western Digital WD800JD’s in a RAID-0 (Striped) array, formin' one nice 160GB sail.

I’ve always been under th' impression that in a RAID config, th' array data were bein' stored on th' sail and not dependant upon th' controller. Apparently, that is not th' case, pass the grog! At least not all th' time. Walk the plank! The SI3112 is a “fakeraid” controller as I’ve seen it referred t', usin' a combination o' hardware and software t' accomplish th' job.

Now jump forward – with th' new motherboard (Asus K8N-E) comes a new RAID controller. Shiver me timbers, pass the grog! It’s apparently manufactured by nVidia themselves, beyond that I can’t tell ye much about it, I'll warrant ye. I despise th' BIOS and RAID ROM config on this new board. I’ve tried rearrangin' th' drives t' th' difrerent SATA ports on th' motherboard, tweakin' every possible option in th' BIOS and RAID config. Shiver me timbers! I hit a brickwall everytime. Yaaarrrrr! I actually had Ubuntu Breezy recognizin' th' drives and th' array this mornin', but fer th' life o' me it wouldn’t mount th' NTFS partitions. The three distinct NTFS devices were listed in /dev/mapper after usin' dmraid, but they absolutely would not mount, and a bucket o' chum. I should’ve saved th' error message fer postin' here t' see if that helped anyone. Somethin' in th' neighborhood o' “bad superblock” I think…

I only want me pictures and a few other important files back, to be sure. They are priceless. When I got me new DVD burner a while back, th' first thin' I did were bein' burn me MP3 collection t' a few discs, but I got interrupted and ne'er went back and made backups o' anythin' else. Yaaarrrrr, and a bottle of rum! My last full backup that I know o' were bein' done probably 2+ years ago – before I got th' new Canon, and before several o' these documents that I need were created.

Take me advice folks – BACKUP yer junk. Get an online storage account from somewhere like StrongSpace. It’s more important than ye realize and ye won’t realize it until it’s too late. After ye back it up, TEST it and make sure yer restore works.

I’ll now open th' floor t' ye fer yer input on how t' rescue me from me data disaster. It just sucks knowin' th' data is sittin' there but I can’t access it.