Upgrading SuSE 10 to KDE 3.5

Tonight, I finally got intriqued enough to poke around and look for the “easy” way to upgrade to KDE 3.5 on my SuSE machine without breaking any dependencies like I usually do with my “wget” and “rpm -uvh kde*.rpm” and found just what I wanted. The Linux and Open Source Blog is constantly turning up in my search results for this sort of thing and the mpost KDE 3.5 Available for SUSE 10.0 was no exception. Fire up YaST and add this as a installation repository:


Then, just go to YaST->Software Management, change Filter to “Package Groups” and scroll all the way down and select “zzz All” from the bottom of the list. Finally, right-click somewhere in the package list in the right-hand pane, select “All in This List->Update if newer version available” click the Accept button and wait while they dowload and install.