Nine Former Tar Heels Still in NFL Playoffs

My favorite site aroun' this time o' year, us runnin' a story about th' nine former Tar Heels football players still in th' playoffs. For a school who’s football program doesn’t really get a lot o' respect, this is definitely somethin' we should be shoutin' from th' rooftops.

Ethan Albright, Washington
Ebenezer Ekuban, Denver
Willie Parker, Pittsburgh
Julius Peppers, Carolina
Jeff Reed, Pittsburgh
Dexter Reid, Indianapolis
Jeff Saturday, Indianapolis
David Thornton, Indianapolis
Greg Warren, Pittsburgh

Unless ye’re a Broncos, Colts, or Steelers fan, th' only name I’d expect ye t' recognize is none other than Julius Peppers – no doubt one o' th' top couple o' defensive players in th' league. It’ll be interestin' t' watch all th' UNC alumni play this weekend.