Consistency in MS Products

I understand Microsoft is a large company and that they offer a lot of products. However, is it too much to ask for some consistency between the update process amongst their stuff? The example I have tonight is Windows XP vs. Microsoft Office XP. I’ve been cleaning/configuring/tweaking a new laptop that a friend got for Christmas this week and when I got to Office XP, I went to the MS website and downloaded the latest Service Pack – SP3. Upon trying to install it, it notified me that “The expected version of Office was not found” or something to that effect. To contrast that, you can take the original version of Windows XP that was released back in 2002 and install Service Pack 2 directly – no need to install SP1 first. In addition, no where on the page for the Office XP SP3 update did it mention previous Office Service Packs as a prequisite for installing it. Thanks, Microsoft.