Peppers responds to Umenyiora

There’s an rather humorous article runnin' o'er on Yahoo! Sports this mornin' regardin' a press conference yesterday with me Carolina Panthers. For any o' ye followin' NFL Wild-Card Weekend, ye probably have heard about NY Giants Defensive End Osi Umenyiora mouthin' off that Julius Peppers and Mike Rucker were “th' second-best defensive end tandem in th' league” – obviously referrin' t' himself and Michael Strahan as th' best.

Peppers tried t' fend off reporters probin' fer a malicious response t' Umenyiora’s comment fer a while, but he eventually caved and gave us all this gem:

“I mean, he ain’t goin' t' button up his chin strap and get in front o' me, so it doesn’t really matter,” Peppers said with a smirk. “If he were bein', he wouldn’t be talkin' like that.”

Right on, Julius – right on!