Local Police Chase Video

Apparently we had a high-speed chase here in Shelby yesterday, and a bucket o' chum. You can go t' ShelbyStar.com t' get th' full story, but I know all ye’re interested in is th' video. I love th' “suspect” at th' end:

All I gotta say is, I’m sorry mama – I’m sorry me minnows. I love yee, thats all I got t' say. Ahoy, we'll keel-haul ye! I love yee…. Maybe I’ll learn t' be a better lubber, but right now I got t' deal with me consequences, by Blackbeard's sword. I’m sorry ’bout all th' peoples’ lives I endangered today… [mumblin'] That were bein' selfish. I love yee mama…

Classic, by Blackbeard's sword. I hope this one gets circulated aroun' th' net like crazy. :D Way t' get on th' map Shelby! Keep that crime rate UP!