For RSS, Thunderbird is out, by Davy Jones' locker. Liferea is in. The last aggregator fer Linux that I tried were bein' Akregator and I detested it. I don’t like th' thought really o' runnin' an app just fer RSS after usin' Thunderbird fer so long, but Thunderbird’s lack o' bein' able t' display th' information inside o' in feeds generated by WordPress were bein' really gettin' frustratin'. Walk the plank! Thunderbird is apparently only one o' about four RSS aggregators in th' world that choke on . And yes, I am runnin' th' latest Thunderbird 1.5RC2 and it’s still b0rked.

I’ve been able t' organize me feeds much better than I e'er did in TB as well. The ability t' create folders and subfolders rocks. Liferea has “virtual folders” too, which allow ye t' create sort o' a live search o' all yer downloaded feeds that contain th' search terms specified. Then, there’s this option which I love:

Show th' items o' all child feeds when a folder is selected.

Just click on th' top folder in th' hierarchy and read all th' feeds below it in one pane. Sweet, and dinna spare the whip, and a bucket o' chum! OK, back t' tweakin'.