Netiquette – Stop the rudeness

There’s a certain group of people out on the net that irritates the snot out of me. For lack of a better term, I’ll just call them “wannabes” for now. It’s the people who just don’t get the whole internet thing. You see, many years ago when the net was just getting started, there existed this term called “netiquette” – or net etiquette as you may have guessed. It wasn’t really a written set of rules as much as it was an unspoken sort of code about how to behave online. For example, it was definitely a NO NO TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS or someone would think you were angry and shouting.

Anyhow, as the internet and related technologies have progressed, netiquette has all but disappeared. One thing I read a lot of is WordPress related blogs and one of the primary complaints of people who develop for and around WP is that morons use the comments on totally unrelated posts to make support requests. I’ve had that happen here a few times recently and its very annoying. Seriously, I don’t mind helping out anyone I can with technical things, but if I write a post about my dog, don’t leave a comment there asking for help with your website. See what I mean? The people who do this really just don’t get the whole blog thing. Keep things contextual folks. If you want me to help with something, email me. If you don’t have one of my eight email addresses, there’s this extremely easy to find link somewhere on this page that says “Contact” – ever wonder what that does? If you don’t have my email AND you don’t have enough common sense to see that huge button, I probably won’t bother helping.