Pilgrimage 2005

Well, this weekend, I’ll be making my first-ever pilgrimage to Chapel Hill to see a TarHeel game in “the holy city” itself. A friend of a friend of my family had season football tickets and they can’t make it this weekend, so myself, MattB and SpongeMark will be heading down to watch the ‘Heels take on the Blue Devils. I’m hoping to get to eat the “The Rat” after the game – it’s a Chapel Hill/TarHeel legend according to most, so I don’t want to miss out on that experience.

 Then – if the stars all line up properly, I hope to snag some tickets to the basketball game that night – probably from a scalper on the street if the prices aren’t totally obsurd. You see, the TarHeels have their home opener Saturday night against – the Gardner-Webb Runnin’ Bulldogs. Ironic. Wierd even. What’s a bit scary is I honestly think the game COULD go either way. I’m sure the Heels will win, but they’re a very young and different team than last years’ NCAA championship team was. Heck, we didn’t even make the preseason AP poll. But, it IS GWU @ Chapel Hill, so that doesn’t worry me much.

 I haven’t seen a Heels basketball game live since the Food Lion MVP Classic tournament in Greensboro about five or six years ago and then they got beat in the second game by Old Dominion. That sucked. Maybe if we don’t get tickets we’ll find a nice, cozy sports bar or something on Franklin St to watch it. Wings anyone?