Stupid TV Networks

I was catching up on some TiVo’d shows tonight and this has me miffed. First on my list of shows to watch tonight was CSI:Miami. I had seen previews a few weeks ago for this particular episode and was excited because Gary Sinese from CSI:NY was going to be making a guest appearance while they worked on a case together. Well, I was getting pretty deep into it and they seemed to be closing in on the suspect. All of a sudden – I get a message simliar to this on the screen:

To be continued on CSI:NY on Wednesday night.

Now I don’t watch/record CSI:NY. Bummer. Now, my brain immediately jumps to thinking “Why didn’t TiVo automatically record this?!” I mean, TiVo knows my viewing habits. TiVo knows I watch CSI:Miami. Surely someone at TiVo knew this, afterall, they’re in TV business. It’s their job to know this stuff.

Oh well. Off to torrenting.

Disclaimer: Yes – I know it’s sad that this is that upsetting. My brain rots more and more each week.