What I Use v2

While looking for the post which I referred to in my previous post, I came across another old entry titled What I Use from May of 2004. I thought it would be rather interesting to revisit that topic today to see how much my work environment has changed over the past 18 months.


  • NEO – Neo is the affectionate name which I ended up giving my shiny, new IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad R51. He’s a workhorse no doubt, dual-booting SuSE 10 and WinXP Pro. I’d guess I spend roughly 95% of my time in Linux and the other 5% is just to boot into Windows to use Microsoft Money. The Thinkpad acts as my window to all the other computers that I work on as well either via SSH, VNC, or Windows Remote Desktop. Switching to a laptop as my primary machine last fall (then a Sony Vaio) was the absolute, single-most productive thing I’ve ever done. That was long overdue.
  • Other – I have various other machines I use on a daily or almost daily basis. One is a generic Athlon-based WinXP Pro system at work for various Active Directory/domain related issues. “Mainframe” is still chugging along at home for all my gaming needs, and most recently, I’ve added an elderly G3 iMac in the living room at home for occasional web browsing and email.


  • SuSE Linux – I’d be crazy for not listing it first. I adopted Linux as my primary OS in the late summer/early fall of 2004 and haven’t looked back. The freedom of choice and quality of tools available on a Linux system ROCK. Period.
  • Mozilla Firefox – Still the best browser around. The 1.5 release will be even better.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird – The only Email client you’ll catch me using or endorsing.
  • Kopete – It’s a part of KDE and my instant mesenger weapon of choice on Linux. Supports about 100 different chat protocols, logging, etc. and it is so much prettier than gaim.
  • Konsole – It all happens here folks. The Linux Command LIne. About the only thing I don’t use the CLI for is eating my meals. It’s basically my jumping off point for everything else. For Windows users, think of it as my “Start” button – only much geekier. A few common commands are ls, cat, grep, ssh, and vi.
  • SSH/SCP – Ah, SSH is my best friend. Providing secure login and system access to remote systems. SCP is my FTP replacement, allowing me to securely transfer files to remote servers. If you wanna know more, go read this.
  • Vim – When I’m editing text, 9/10 times its being done in vi. Only rarely do I open…
  • Kate – My GUI text editor. Kate just makes it easy for those un-schooled in the voodoo that is vi to do simple things like search&replace text.
  • X-Chat – I really don’t do IRC as much as I used to but X-Chat works like a charm when I do pop into #wordpress on freenode.
  • Cygwin – “Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows.” Translation: It gives me access to all the Linux CLI goodies I’m used to having while I’m working on a Windows box. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

People: Let’s face it – there are some people you can’t live without.

  • Brandon – I couldn’t have made the switch to Linux and kept my sanity without him. He’s my go-to guy for programming related issues and keeps me up to date on the daily political front as well. I guess most importantly, he’s my friend – Thanks d00d.
  • Jimbo – Jim is probably the #2 most talked to person on my buddy list. Owner and CEL (that’s Chief Executive Loser) of Inetsis / Mindstorm Hosting. I’ve been working for/with him for several months now and I’m pleased with what’s been going on @ Mindstorm.
  • Bonnie – My lovely wife is totally responsibly for keeping me sane day-to-day. She’s the reason I get up in the morning (because she yanks the warm blankets off me so the dog can jump on the bed and lick my face). Love you Bon!