Kingston Karma

Some time ago, I wrote about how awesome and hassle-free Western Digital’s RMA process was. Well today at work I finally got around to troubleshooting a system that had been collecting dust in my office for a few weeks and discovered the culprit – a bad stick of 256MB Kingston DDR memory. I knew that almost all memory comes with a Lifetime Warranty these days, so I headed over to the Kingston website and discovered that they too have a super-easy RMA process. Enter your product and contact info and BOOM! That’s it. Just sit back and wait on the RMA number.

Also, like Western Digital, they have the option to pre-ship your replacement product rather than wait on the defective one to go through the RMA process first. I did this with Western Digital on another drive a few weeks back and it was very nice. At least with WD. yhey don’t actually “charge” your card – they just place a “hold” on the funds in the event you don’t return the said product. Regardless, I had my replacement drive in my hands within three days.

So again – two thumbs up to Kingston and Western Digital. I’m a customer for life if you keep it up.