Suse 10 OK after all

After my last post/rant about my Intel Centrino IPW 2200 not working in Suse Linux 10, I did some more digging and realized that I had the OSS version of Suse 10 and not the Professional Eval that I usually use. That being said, some proprietary, non-open-source items have to be left out of the OSS version due to licensing issues. Luckily though, Novell/Suse does still make those packages available, just not in the default install for the OSS version. So head over to either your favorite mirror or mine, and download the ipw-firmware-5-6.noarch.rpm from the /inst-source-extra/suse/noarch directory and install it. I used the command (as root) “yast -i ipw-firmware-5-6.noarch.rpm” and was immediately able to go back into YaST2 and configure my card. So, for the record, and the sake of you being able to find this post via your favorite search engine, the Intel Centrino IPW 2200 wireless on a IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad R51 (Model 1836Q4U to be exact) works fantastically with Suse Linux 10 OSS.

If you’ll dig around on the Suse mirrors, you’ll find other good stuff as well, such as RealPlayer 10, Opera, Flash Player, Acrobat Reader, etc.

A great alternative to installing via the above method would be to add this repository as an installation source:
add suse 10 installation source
Then you can search for “ipw” in YaST to install the wireless firmware, or search for any of the above mentioned programs as well.

Happy installing.