sick of celebrities

I’m absolutely fed up with how famous people in this country feel the need to open their mouth and show their ignorance. I honestly wish there were laws restriciting anyone from Hollywood from speaking out on current events and political issues. Now I’m not suggesting that starring in a movie forces you to sign away your First Ammendment rights, but just be a little more selective about what you say. Obviously the latest moronic thing is Kanye West and his outlash at Bush and the government response to the Hurricane Katrina crisis. I think it’s quite important to note that NO AMOUNT of money or planning could’ve prevented this sort of disaster and honestly, would not have made the response to it much better either. All the infrastructure that would be used in a response to an event like this has been destroyed along with the rest of the city. But seriously, the actors, actresses, singers, musicians, etc. need to shut up. I’m just sick of hearing their opinions. It’s happened before with lots of celebs saying “Oh if George W. Bush gets elected I’ll leave the country…” or something to that effect. Kanye could help by getting himself down to New Orleans and the surrounding area, or at the very least, in the time it took him to make his outrageous speech, he could’ve opened his checkbook and sent a much bigger donation than I am in a position too. I really think we just need to start deporting these morons to France or some other America hating country. See how they like the government there.