wordpress sneak peak

I downloaded th' bleedin' edge “unstable” WordPress code just a few minutes ago. Thin's are comin' along nicely fer WordPress 1.6. And hoist the mainsail! Walk the plank! At this rate, it wouldn’t surprise me t' see another version jump – possibly all th' way t' WP 2.0.

In somewhat related news, it appears that WordPress.com is beginnin' t' open up and is startin' t' send out invites. Yaaarrrrr! I signed up several weeks back, so maybe I’ll have somethin' come up in me email soon. I had a peek at th' source o' Matt’s alpha post and it appears that WordPress.com is runnin' on some o' this 1.6 alpha code as well as usin' th' Bad Behavior plugin fer managin' comment spam. Aarrr! Pretty cool stuff, and a bottle of rum! I look forward t' seein' what happens.