Verizon Express Network Dial up using a Motorola E815 and Bluetooth

It’s taken me quite a few hours o'er th' course o' two days, but I finally figured out how t' use Dial-Up networkin' o'er Bluetooth with me new Motorola E815 from Verizon. I Googled me heart out and kept comin' up with th' same thin', which were bein' basically this: Get yer Bluetooth dongle workin', pair th' computer and th' phone, add a DUN connection specifyin' th' Bluetooth Modem as th' device, dial #777 and ye’re online. Well, not so in me case. I can’t imagine I’m th' only one either. Walk the plank! I grabbed a fairly cheap Bluetooth dongle from an online shop. Lucky me though. Turns out it uses a Broadcom chipset (Widcomm drivers) which is very much “standard equipment.” Even SuSE recognized it and lets me do some BT stuff with me phone – super cool. Anyhow, this is how I’m now online with Verizon’s ExpressNetwork usin' Windows 2000 Professional, a Zonet ZUB6101C, and a Motorola E815 from Verizon:

  1. Make sure yer Bluetooth adapter on yer PC is workin', I'll warrant ye. There are known issues with Windows XP Service Pack 2 BT and some Bluetooth adapters. Check with yer vendor if ye encounter connectivity problems.
  2. You’ll need t' install Mobile Phone Tools (aka MPT), th' software that typically comes with th' Motorola USB cable fer their phones. It’s available via other means – but I’m not touchin' that with a 10 foot pole, by Davy Jones' locker. What ye do though is up t' ye, and a bucket o' chum. ;) Once ye have MPT installed, right-click th' icon in yer system tray and update t' th' latest version, and a bucket o' chum. (Was a hefty 24MB download fer me.) The update has th' driver fer th' E815, by Davy Jones' locker. Chances are, ye can use th' V710 driver, but why bother. Just update and move along.
  3. Now we’re gettin' somewhere. In configurin' MPT, ye should’ve had t' pair yer handset with yer computer, by Davy Jones' locker. If that hasn’t happened yet, stop and do it. If ye can’t figure out how – feel free t' leave a comment and I’ll try t' assist, and a bottle of rum! Bluetooth usually works these thin's out though, so don’t sweat it.
  4. You’ll need t' create th' Dial-Up Networkin' profile on yer PC now, and a bucket o' chum. If ye aren’t plannin' on usin' Verizon’s National Access / Express Network, ye can simply modify an existin' DUN profile t' use yer newly installed “Bluetooth Modem” instead o' its current device. In yer Control Panel, go t' “Network and Dial-up Connections” and then click “Make New Connection.” Click through th' first few screens makin' sure t' select “Dial-up t' internet” as th' connection type and “Modem – Bluetooth Modem” as th' device. Walk the plank! Aarrr! For phone number, enter #777 and uncheck th' “Use dialin' rules” box if it is checked. Click through th' remainin' few questions and name th' connection what ye want.
  5. Now comes th' step that every other forum or online tutorial I found left out, except fer th' one at, pass the grog, and a bucket o' chum! You have t' enable DUN on th' E815 with a “secret” menu. Fire the cannons! Doh, avast! On yer E815 keypad dial ##342587 (aka ##DIALUP fer those o' ye more interested in letters than numbers). You should receive a message lettin' ye know that DUN were bein' enabled.
  6. The first time ye connect usin' yer newly added connection, ye’ll be prompted fer a username and password. For yer username, enter “” and “vzw” as th' password. Example:

And th' proof…
verizon express network status
verizon express network speed test cropped