desktop search

I’ve had Copernic installed on me WinXP contraption at work fer a month or so now, and I absolutely love it. It makes it super easy t' find a document, spreadsheet, or PDF report in seconds. I even let it slip out t' a shipmate or two that I could search so easily and I’ve been approached sense then t' help them track down a roque report, with a chest full of booty. I want t' explore th' option o' pushin' somethin' like this on t' everyone’s desktop here, but I’ve yet t' come up with any viable solution. I don’t want 10+ computers indexin' th' same content – that just creates too much hard sail thrashin' and network traffic when indexin' a file server. I’d like t' have one PC do th' indexin' and th' others share that index. Security is obviously a concern also – I don’t want users who don’t have access t' “Folder X” or “File Z” t' be able t' search and come up with excerpts from those restricted areas. I have a feelin' that no desktop search would fare so well, by Blackbeard's sword. But anyway, that’s just some random techno-babble fer ye.