no more cooper river bridge

Man, I had no idea they were this far along, but tonight, for the first time, the cables on the new Arthur Ravenel, Jr. bridge connecting downtown Charleston to Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina were lit for the first time tonight and the bridge is scheduled to open on Saturday, July 16. The Cooper River Bridge will be officially closing and if I remember correctly, it will eventually be dismanteled and taken off shore and be used as artificial reef. I have mixed emotions about the new bridge. Seeing them constructing it last year was really quite a sight and driving on the rickety old Cooper River Bridge was a bit eerie at times, but the old bridge was still kinda cool to be crossing on because of its age and what a technological marvel it was at the time it was originally constructed. Now I just can’t wait to get down there next month and drive on this new bridge! Man, I do love Charleston.