meet chris pirillo

Apparently, Chris Pirillo was planning a trip to North Carolina a few days back, but that got put on hold due to our friend Dennis. Turns. It gets better. Apparently, Ponzi has family somewhere in or around the Gastonia/Charlotte area. He was looking to maybe roundup “a few southern geeks” so I’m guessing that would include me. Looks like they’re tenatively rescheduling the trip for sometime in the fall, so I’ll have to keep an eye on his blog and see how things turn out. Chris was probably one of the “first” geek celebs many years ago, thanks to the popularity of Lockergnome. I’ve been following Lockergnome and Chris off and on for quite a few years, so it’d be cool to meet him. Maybe he’ll be so impressed that he’ll move Gnomedex to the east cost next year!