amd files suit against intel

It’s been a long time coming, but Anandtech is reporting this morning that AMD has filed antitrust charges against Intel in U.S. Federal District Court. It will definitely be interesting to see how this goes as it does seem they have a valid complaint. I may be biased though, as I don’t recall ever purchasing an Intel chip. They have quite a list of reasons for the chargest in their 48-page report but I picked this out of the notes as my favorite:

Threatening retaliation against customers for introducing AMD computer platforms, particularly in strategic market segments such as commercial desktop;

  • Then-Compaq CEO Michael Capellas said in 2000 that because of the volume of business given to AMD, Intel withheld delivery of critical server chips. Saying “he had a gun to his head,” he told AMD he had to stop buying.
  • According to Gateway executives, their company has paid a high price for even its limited AMD dealings. They claim that Intel has “beaten them into ‘guacamole’” in retaliation.

Hector Ruiz, AMD chairman of the board, president and CEO stated in the official AMD Press Release that “Everywhere in the world, customers deserve freedom of choice and the benefits of innovation – and these are being stolen away in the microprocessor market.”

I do hope this goes well for AMD and that they don’t end up wasting tons of cash (that they don’t have) on a case that goes no where.