Bonnie and myself have become a tad absorbed by the re-airing of Lost on ABC recently. A couple of week back, they started over with episode one, and we caught it as it was coming on completely by accident. I’m so glad we did. I had heard lots of great things about the show from various people and was quite curious. I really am glad we found it because we’re loving every episode so far. ABC on Wednesday night @ 10 for those uninformed.

In other news, I may be needing a new router soon at home. I’d like to get another D-Link, except one that does QoS. My DI-614+ is going on three years old now I think and other than wanting QoS, I really have no pressing reason to upgrade. The thing is, I have plans to be gaming quite a bit at night over the next few weeks/months and Bonnie likes to chat on the phone in the evenings and I don’t want the network traffic caused by my multiplayer gaming to affect the quality of the Vonage service. We have plenty of bandwidth from Time Warner now. I think our downstream is around 5Mbps and upstream is 354Kbps now, so I can easily set aside the 100Kbps needed for the Vonage box. I’ll probably end up doing with a DI-804HV if nothing changes. I’ve purchased a lot of these for work over the past six months and have been mostly happy with them. They can serve as a VPN endpoint which will be super useful once we have our VPN up and going at the office.