a sad gamers tale

Once upon a time, there a young gamer dude. He was anxiously awaiting the release of Battlefield 2 and so he went to the store the day before the release to reserve a copy. He drove home happily and could hardly sleep that night as visions of M16′s, aircraft carriers, and killing the enemy solider danced in his head. The next day around lunch, he drove back to store, only to find out that the game hadn’t arrived yet. Later in the afternoon he goes back and successfully retrives his prize DVD version of the game. Upon leaving the store, our young gamer friend took the longest drive of his life – a five minute trip that seemed to last an hour. Once he was home, I plopped the DVD into his trusty gaming rig and sat back to watch the game install. But wait! What’s that noise? That’s the sound a dead DVD drive makes. The sound of a dead DVD drive mixed with the sound of a sobbing, tearful gamer.

*SIGH* What a day – maybe once my new DVD burner arrives from newegg I’ll be able to join all my friends on the Battlefield.