monad on schedule

Well, contrary to reports from late last week, Tom’s Hardware is reporting that “Monad” (the new shell for Longhorn) is actually on schedule. This article goes into further detail, but it appears that they really are taking a page from *nix by developing a command rich CLI and then building their UI on top of that

In an interview last week, Peter Pawlak, lead analyst with Directions on Microsoft, told us “Exchange 12 is going to be the first administrative UI, or console, built on top of [Monad]. What this means is that, all Exchange management functions are exposed through Monad commands, and then the graphical interface sits on top of that, so you have a one-to-one correspondence between the things that you do in the UI, and the things that you do with the command line, or with a script.”

This is extremely good news for us Windows Server admins. I look forward to the day I can script as much on a Windows box as a *nix one.