ati catalyst is not

ATi has used the name “Catalyst” for it’s driver package for several years now, but I just think that is the most ironic name they could choose. Every time you want to update to the latest, they recommend that you uninstall your old ones first, and then install the latest. This forces you through at least two reboots, sometimes more depending on what parts you have installed. Well, I do this updating so infrequently, I tend to forget how insane this process can be. Whenever you uninstall the ATi Control Panel, it apparently “forgets” the settings – namely my resolution and refresh rate. I wouldn’t mind as much if it was a matter of going into my display properties and resetting it, but its a little more complicated. I tried that, reinstalling my monitor driver, and all to no avail. Even when I would put my settings at 1152×864 @ 85Hz, my display would still flicker like mad (60 Hz it appears). This is unbearable. Finally, after an hour of troubleshooting, I wander over to the “Displays” tab in the ATi Control Panel software and see this stupid little thing:
ati control panel displays
My default “Scheme” had been erased apparently during this “upgrade” and replaced with one that has a shoddy refresh of (you guessed it) 60Hz. But apparently, this overrides the settings in the system tray menu.
ati systray menu

Immediately after you select your resolution in this menu, you’re presented with a dialog that contains a dropdown to select your refresh, but as I said, that option above with the “Schemes” apparently over rides that. I was sitting here banging my head on my desk wondering why when I used their own system tray settings applet that it wouldn’t set the refresh!

Horrible interface ATi – horrible. Why not just teach your driver package to listen to the resolution and refresh rate set in the Windows Display Properties?