new phone soon

If all goes well and Verizon doesn’t jerk me around terribly, in about a month I’ll be upgrading my mobile device. Now, I’ve always had sort of ban on Motorola phones, mainly because any experience I’ve ever had with them involved a horrible user interface. Well, unless I’m horribly disappointed when I go and demo one, I’m gonna be purchasing the Motorola V710. It’s loaded with features, including Bluetooth – which may very well be a dead technolgoy, but it’s still functional for what I think I want it for. You can also add a miniSD card and use the phone as a MP3 player. Definite added bonus.

I’ve been a complacent owner of the VX6000 for almost two years now, which means that when June 23 rolls around, I’m eligible for their “new every two” promotion. Well, sorta… Somehow when I added a line to my plan for Bonnie back in 2003, my “customer service associate” in the local Verizon store screwed up and made MY phone the SECONDARY line, so Bonnie’s phone will actually be the one allowed to upgrade for free (or receive a $100 credit towards a new phone – whichever is cheaper).

I’ve exchanged several emails with Verizon Wireless customer service and I’ve been mostly impressed. They responded to my initial online inquiry via their website form within about 3 or 4 hours and responded to my email replies to that within about 2 hours each time. I just got Bonnie a new phone back at Christmas, so she has no need for a new one – mine on the other hand is falling apart. Hopefully when I go into Verizon, I’ll get a nice representative who will understand the situation, upgrade Bonnie’s phone, and then turn around and swap the numbers. We’ll see how it goes… and I’ll keep you posted.