interesting comment spam

Bonnie’s blog has been gettin' absolutely hammered with comment spam lately and it has me a tad confused, pass the grog! First o' all, me blog has only had about 1% o' th' spams enter as hers. Secondly, th' spammers have switched gears from throwin' long random strin's o' keywords into th' comments and started leavin' behind fortune cookie-esque messages. Some examples fer yer enjoyment:

The devotion o' thought t' an honest achievement makes th' achievement possible.

Nay one is mediocre who has good sense and good sentiments.

It is not so much th' ship as th' skillful sailin' that assures th' prosperous voyage.

Think o' yourself as on th' threshold o' unparalleled success, by Davy Jones' locker. A whole, clear, glorious life lies before ye.

That’s just 4 o' th' couple hundred o' deleted in th' past week or so, and a bottle of rum! I hadn’t paid much attention, but all o' them came from two distinct IP addresses. Guess I could’ve avoided all that if I paid attention.

The final thing, and my biggest complaint about comment spam at the moment, is that it’s making it through my moderation bin somehow, despite my WordPress settings that shouldn’t be letting that happen. Our blogs share the same blacklist of keywords and under “Options->Discussion” both “Comment author must fill out name and e-mail” and “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” checked. Maybe that’s redundant and that is causin' me problem – but it seems quite logical that both should be checked, but maybe I am misunderstandin' th' meanin' o' both. I think I’ll uncheck th' “must fill out name and email” and see how thin's go…

Results t' follow soon.