call for software

I need a some good ticket management software t' help me keep track o' th' crap I deal with on a daily basis. I’ve looked at several groupware applications and were bein' usin' dotProject fer a bit with an add-on module fer help desk related items, but it’s just not at all an elegant long-term solution. Their UI is horrendous and there are no real reportin'/history capabilities so that people higher up th' chain o' management can monitor th' kind o' stuff I’m dealin' with down in th' trenches.

I’ve also used Alex Kin'’s Tasks, and it worked pretty darn good, but I wanted somethin' a little more geared towards IT people. I feel like I’m in th' same boat as Owen and he has had some fantastic thoughts recently about exactly what this app should be. One thin' he noted in a reply t' a comment were bein' how some o' these groupware offerin's are pretty good with all th' different modules loaded, but th' lack o' unification betwixt them were bein' pretty pitiful.

Here are me wants/needs, so if ye know o' a solution, PLEASE let me know:

  • Help Desk/Ticketin' system – needs t' allow submissions from an external/public form. I’ve used PerlDesk through one o' me hostin' providers and think that it’s pretty nice, but not free, and not worth th' price just fer how we would be usin' it.
  • Contact Management – Currently usin' pen & paper or th' Thunderbird Address Book
  • CMS – currently usin' lucidCMS and it’s excellent fer our company intranet, but if it were bein' unified with th' rest o' th' systems, that would be incredible.
  • Wiki – Currently usin' MediaWiki which is OK, but a real pain t' administer, IMHO.

Our company has multiple branches, so havin' a place t' enter them (as a company under Contact Management would be just fine) and then issuin' help desk tickets assigned t' that company is crucial.

If anyone has any ideas – please do share. And no, I don’t expect it t' be free, but it shouldn’t be a million dollars either.