stuck in

Yes, I’m in a bit of a blogging rut. I have been absolutely covered up with work and extra-curricular activities since we returned to The States. Have no fear my dear readers, I am alive and well and I’m sure once things settle down I’ll be back in the swing of things.

On the work front, we’re in the final implentation phase of a HUGE project that was started months before I ever began working there. It’s meant quite a bit of travelling and spending more quality time with the other half of our I.T. Department. This project alone has been consuming two and sometimes three days out of the work week, and then the remainder to deal with the standard support issues that typically occur. It’s been fun, but I’ll definitely be glad when it’s over and we can sit back and say, “wow – we built that!” It’s also been a fantastic learning experience, technically and otherwise. Heh…

Tomorrow brings the end of another short-term work project. I was somehow chosen/nominated or maybe I volunteered (I was suffering major jet lag at that meeting, so who really knows) as the one to document and prepare the presenation/notes for a training session for some of our staff tomorrow. I barely finished the 44 page document and got it to CopyMax in time for duplication before punching out at 5:00 this afternoon. I’m looking forward to the meeting though, as I’ll get the chance to meet several employees that I haven’t gotten to meet in person before.