Lots of news today. First of all, they found another meth lab on the road where I used to live before we bought our house last summer. About one week after we closed on our house and I moved out, they busted a lab on Red Road, about a half mile from where I used to live. I drove by this house every-single-day so it was quite shocking. Well, in the today’s news apparently this guy got out the SAME DAY he was arrested on $10,000 bond and was only in jail overnight this time around and is now out on $5,000 bond. Sheesh. Something seem strange here?

On the geek front, we got our new camera yesterday, a Canon PowerShot S410. I don’t think I’ve mentioned on here that our Canon A85 was stolen while in Moscow by some thieving communist jerk while we were on a crowded tram. I need to call the insurance company and see if homeowner’s is going to cover it or not. Keep your fingers crossed!

And finally, BIG hat tip to Eric over at for this post which links to which boasts “an entire library of old Apple 2 disks” which you can play online! I just spent two hours playing The Oregon Trail and it was just as I remember it from elementary school. It uses an ActiveX plugin to run the old Apple II emulator, so Internet Exlplorer is required.