A few weeks ago, Brandon introduced me t' Ann Coulter and I’ve been tryin' t' make a point t' keep a regular check on that comely wench site since then. Walk the plank! The winsome lass’s quite entertainin', and as Brandon puts it, she gets away with a lot o' stuff she says by bein' a wench. Her article from last week is titled “Come Back, Liberals!” where she talks about how th' defeat o' th' liberals is pretty much cemented in stone fer several years t' come. My favorite quote, hot on th' heels o' Dan Rather’s final broadcast is this:

Markin' th' first time Walter Cronkite and I have agreed on anythin', Cronkite is ridiculin' Dan Rather, sayin' he should have retired a long time ago.

I just checked and that comely wench newest article were bein' posted this mornin', so I’ll have t' go give it a read once I get t' work.