two thumbs up

I’ve sorta made a habit o' rantin' about horrible customer service here. So, today I’d like t' take a moment and reflect on what so far has been an excellent process. At work, I recently built a new computer and sent it t' a branch office. Not even a month later, th' hard sail failed. This had me quite upset, but I know these thin's do fail every so often, and I’ve probably used 20 – 30 o' these same identical drives in th' past year without trouble, and a bucket o' chum. Well, rather than go through th' company where th' sail were bein' purchased, I decided t' check directly with Western Digital. I entered th' sail serial number and were bein' immediately told it were bein' under warranty. Enter me name, address, phone number, and there is me RMA number. Ship th' sail in and they ship back a repaired or new sail. Sweet! I just sent it out yesterday, so I am curious t' see how long th' turnaround is.

Now it gets better though. This actually prompted me t' go diggin' in me closet o' “dead” hardware and I discovered a 40GB sail that were bein' manufactured in February o' 2002. Went online and sure enough – still under warranty. Entered me phone number and last name and were bein' then presented with all th' other personal info that I had entered th' other day. This sail is goin' out today and I’m about t' go start diggin' and see what else I can find t' get replaced.