hootie and the bLOWfish

One of my favorite commercials lately is the one with MC Hammer rapping in front of the mansion and then something like “10 minutes later” his pimpin’ ride is being repossesed and his possy is gone. Well, just when I’m enjoying this has-been artist making fun of himself, along comes someone who isn’t a has-been and completely embarasses himself in a commercial. I’m talking about Darius Rucker, more well known as “Hootie” of Hootie and the Blowfish and this new Burger King “Bacon Cheddar Ranch” commercial with this insanely annoying little jingle. Hootie has still been touring and doing OK for themselves even though they haven’t been mainstream in some time. I’m afraid I just lost a TON of respect for the man though… that commercial looks so cheap and Hootie looks like a dork.

UPDATE: If you’re looking for somewhere to watch the video, check out this post with some info on it.