belated blogday

I somehow managed t' let th' me two year anniversary o' bloggin' fly right by without even mentionin' it, and dinna spare the whip! This were bein' th' post that started it all back on February 12, 2003. I actually had a website up and runnin' before then, but that’s when I discovered b2/cafelog 0.7x and started usin' it, and a bucket o' chum. Even back then, installation were bein' a snap – but Matt and th' WordPress guys made it even better with th' “5 minute install” routine. Anyway…

It’s been a really great two years if ye ask me. Walk the plank! Walk the plank! From me dashboard on WP 1.5 I brin' ye th' followin' stats:

  • Posts: 439
  • Comments: 287
  • Categories: 23

That’s slightly above an average o' 2 comments per post, so thanks t' each o' ye who have participated in th' discussions at My categories are actually gettin' out o' hand I think, pass the grog, by Blackbeard's sword! I need t' be more general and also weed out some o' th' auld stuff or ones that I ne'er use.

Here’s t' th' next year, and a bucket o' chum!