new addiction

I’ve found something that makes the time at work go by even faster. After hearing the latest internet pop-culture buzz-word everywhere, I finally decided to look into podcasting. If you have no idea what that is or if you’ve heard the term and are a bit more interested, you’d probably find plenty of information over at the Podcasting page on WikiPedia.

Now I’m not creating my own, nor do I plan on it, but it is quite entertaining to listen to pas the time. After download a couple of shows from random places, I decided that a couple of them would probably be entertaining enough to listen to every day or every how often they update, so I set on on a search for a podcast aggregator. The first and only one I’ve tried so far is Doppler Radio which is based on the .NET framework and seems to work well so far. I’ve got it set to download only the very most recent mp3 at 8:00pm every night so not to affect network speeds for all my users during the day. Then, the following day, I can fire up media player and have it play through each podcast. So far, I’ve got the following podcasting sites in my feeds:

I’m mainly only looking for tech-related feeds I think, so if you have a suggestion of any sort on something I might like, leave it in the comments.