another one bites the dust

It’s looking more and more like my lucky streak with cars is continuing. After I took Java to the vet today, I hopped back on Marion Street to head home and almost immediately, my transmission in “Betsy” (the old 1990 Camry which was a hand-me up from my sister after my Civic passed, and yes – she named the car) decided she was too tired to continue. It still goes in and out of gear, but there is just absolutely NO pulling power in it, so I’m currently pointing my finger at the clutch being worn out, but the final verdict won’t come until I can get my uncle Philip to have a look under the hood.

Now the unique part of the story is that I’ve been wanting a new car for a while and have been watching for certain types of SUVs. I had originally thought about one of the new Kia Sorentos – they are very nice, but even that is a little more than we want to pay a month for a car that gets driven less than 10 miles a day to work and back. So I started browsing other types of SUVs and liked the Honda Passport and the older model Toyota 4Runner. I didn’t pursue much more than that due to the financial obligations that stem from the holiday season and have pretty much been avoiding it since then, just waiting for something like this to happen. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Well, to show how God works in mysterious ways, on my way to the office this morning, I saw what appeared to be a quite nice, silver Isuzu Rodeo. So after waiting for Bonnie to come and and pick up me and Java in the parking lot of the Humane Society (how ironic of a place to pull over), we came home and I immediately restarted my used car research.

Interest rates, Debt-to-income ratios, book value, and so on gets boring after a while, so we decided to go and have a look at the silver Rodeo. We hop in Bonnie’s car and make the long 3/4 of a mile journey up the road and get out to take a look. Someone was clearly inside watching TV, but they never came outside. Not sure how to interpret that, but anyway. It is pretty nice. Nice alloy wheels, rolled-tube running boards, CD player, tinted windows, and a one-owner to boot. The windows are tinted pretty dark, which I’m not totally crazy about, but I don’t really mind, and the interior is leather, which I’m not a fan of (especially in winter), but that’s another one of the things I’m flexible on. The mileage is a tad higher than I’d like, but if it checks out mechanically, that will work to my favor in negotiating price I think.

Well, I sat down to blog about my car breaking down, not sound like a “pre-owned” car salesman. But if anyone knows of any nice SUVs withing a 150ish mile radius of Shelby, NC – let me know.