some day

I’ve been way to silent about my TarHeels so far this season, so here’s to getting started on more sports related blogging.

Brandon and I had this completely facetious conversation this morning about buying tickets from eBay to the UNC @ Duke basketball game. Now at first, $1,000 might seem like a lot of cash, but is it too much? Could anyone really name a price on being the only two “true blue’s” in Cameron Indoor Stadium that are cheering when every else is booing? Let alone what it would be worth to be the only two storming the court when everyone else is leaving at the 2:00 mark. I guess the really priceless part would be the trip “downtown” after getting in a fight with Dickie V and/or Billy Packer over the outcome of the game. Would anyone be willing to post bail for us? :)

Well, it was facetious for today, but SOMEDAY, I’m going to that game. Except I really would rather go to the Smith Center.