holy rapid tracking batman

I just got a much-lusted after Christmas gift: the Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse. The box claims “Optical is obsolete” and “20x the tracking power of optical” and let me tell you how true that is. The battery comes almost fully charged apparently, so I plugged the cradle/wireless reciever right into one of my USB ports on the SuSE laptop and the cursor took off across the screen. After playing with it for a few minutes (none of the scrolling and extra functions worked on Linux), I moved the cable over to an open USB port on my workstation at work and again, the cursor flies around the desktop. I had to turn the tracking speed down about halfway in the control panel. I’m not gonna bother to install the Logitech software here at work, but I’ll give another report once I get a chance to play with it at home.